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The VA Homemaker Program

The VA Homemaker Program

You answered the call to serve your country; now it’s time to make the call and make your health and well-being a priority!

San Diego is home to over 240,000 veterans, one of the nation’s largest concentrations of veterans. And with roughly 100,000 active service members, San Diego is a highly desirable destination for active and retired service members from all branches of the military. With such a large population of military members and their families, programs like the VA Homemaker/Home Health Aide Program, In-Home Respite Care Program, and the Aid and Attendance benefit program can play a significant role in caring for our veterans.

The VA Homemaker/Home Health Aid Program will pay a partnered in-home care agency for non-skilled assistance services with activities of daily living (ADLs) provided directly to the veteran. Theses ADLs include things such as:

• bathing and personal care
• assistance with dressing and grooming (i.e., shaving, brushing teeth, hair care)
• verbal medication reminders
• meal preparation and feeding (if needed)
• light laundry related to incontinence care

This program is very specific to services provided directly to the veteran and does not include the following:

• Companionship services
• Travel services or mileage reimbursement
• Heavy or non-essential housekeeping
• Yard care
• Medication dispensing
• Services when veteran is away from home
• Services outside of the veteran’s place of residence
• Services provided for other persons or pets in the residence

Eligibility for this service is assessed and determined by VA staff and a VA social worker will coordinate with the veteran and/or family member to set up services once approved.

The VA In-Home Respite Care Program provides much needed respite (a break) for an unpaid family caregiver, who is often the significant other or spouse of the veteran. The veteran is eligible to receive up to 30 days of 6 hours per day respite per calendar year. A VA Social Worker will initiate this service and the approval process is the same as the VA Homemaker/Home Health Aid Program. Additional respite days can be requested, and approval will be determined by VA staff.

The VA Aid and Attendance benefit provides veterans or surviving spouses monthly financial assistance to help pay for the costs of in-home care (assistance with activities of daily living) or offset the cost of an assisted living home or community. The Homebound allowance provides financial assistance for those veterans who are receiving a VA pension and spend most of their time at home due to a permanent disability.

To find out more about any of these veteran benefits, contact your local VA representative or call us. We can help find an VA approved vendor who can assist with eligibility and the application process. Often, these VA approved vendors can get applications submitted and benefits approved in a fraction of the time the process typically takes. Get the help you need. Get the help you deserve. You answered the call to serve our country; now it’s time to make the call and make your health and well-being a priority.