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  • Feb 22
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Aging Well Magazine is Here!

Aging Well Magazine is Here!

Our first issue of Aging Well Magazine landed in San Diego this week (February 2023), and we’re thrilled to share a digital copy with our web readers.

Aging Without Limits
The Aging Well concept sprung out of the need to live and age better than our friends and family that have gone before us. We’re dispelling the myth that we must retire from our careers, hobbies, and sports at some pre-determined age in our mind; or that we can’t learn or start new projects in our “senior years” because time’s up. From running half marathons at 68 years old (Running & Real Estate… Patti Gerke p. 6) embarking on a new sport (Have you Been Pickled?… Bob Heck & Joan Chintz P. 20) or deciding to repurpose a room in your home (Rooms with a Use… Bryan Devore p. 12) that you plan to age-in-place in; boldly states that you’re ready for a fabulous last half of your life.

It’s doubtful there is a person that greeted 2023 with anything but great aspirations for the best year yet. If this resonates with you, start with the story on Courageous Living (Ken Druck, Ph.D p. 18), a whole movement dedicated to helping us create a vision of the life we choose to live.

It takes grit to commit to age well and enjoy your life, despite the many obstacles thrown your way. We don’t have a crystal ball on the number of years we’ll be on this planet, nor the circumstances of what life will bring us; but we can manage how we feel and what we do each day to make those years amazing and count.

Most are familiar with the saying of nothing is perfect, but do we believe it? It’s the little things that bring joy and true happiness in your everyday life. Resilience: Why It Matters (Dr. Joe Casciani p. 14) reminds us that we all have it, and that resilience is always there to tap into, especially on the days we must dig deep to find it. Resilience never leaves us and inspires us to look for ways to move forward. This mindset is critical to advance your life to a state of value, contentment, and purpose.

In 2023, we challenge you to commit to figuring out What Aging Well means to you (Melina Rissone p. 10). Is it planning for your future (Critical Documents… Kie Copenhaver p. 16), finally getting rid of chronic pain (Pain Free and Walking… Sean Kuhn p. 8)) or deciding to start a new project, business, or hobby? Perhaps it’s fixing or dumping a broken relationship? All are fantastic jumping-off-points to begin your journey to live and age well. You won’t regret it.

Age Well!

Aging Well Magazine Issue 1

Jacqui Clark, CSA™

Co-Founder, Aging Well Partners

Jacqui Clark is a Certified Senior Advisor™ (CSA™), consultant with Living Coastal Senior Resources, and co-founder of Aging Well Partners. She is an industry leading living-and-aging well expert, and a respected communications specialist.