Living to 100 Club, PhD, Geropsychologist

(858) 272-4992

4231 Balboa Ave #316, San Diego, CA 92117, USA

Dr. Joe Casciani is the owner and Chief Curator for the Living to 100 Club, a source of solutions to living longer and healthier, with a special focus on mindset, outlook, and positive attitudes about aging. He offers individual coaching sessions for seniors and their families to help cope with obstacles and losses that often come along in our senior years – whether physical, personal, or psychological. Through a brief series of coaching sessions, we discuss staying engaged, tapping into our inner reserve of resilience, overcoming a negative outlook, and starting new chapters. Our goal is to feel energized, uplifted, and excited about the future, with a fresh new mindset about our senior years, with strategies to handling the bumps that come along. In short, these conversations will help us look forward to getting older no matter what gets in the way. Dr. Casciani has a 40-year history as a psychologist and manager of group mental health practices specializing in behavioral health services with older adults. In addition to his current work as a coach and clinical consultant, he hosts a weekly podcast on successful aging (to subscribe, visit: He is also an engaging and inspiring speaker, who helps audiences move beyond their questions and concerns about aging to look at the upside and create a vision of what is possible in the years ahead. He strongly believes there is value in helping people feel inspired about their future.

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