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ATTENTION Veterans and Spouses! Uncle Sam Has Money to Give You!

Often when doing a care consultation with families, I get to the dreaded question I ask with trepidation. Has your family discussed how you’ll pay for your dad’s care? It’s not a Medicare benefit, although I often get the question, “How much does Medicare contribute?” Zero. One hundred percent of the time it’s zero. After […]

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Critical Documents – Critical Planning Today for Peace of Mind Tomorrow

We make a list before going to the grocery store. The grocery list becomes our critical document before heading to the store. We make a list before packing and going on a vacation.  The packing list becomes our critical document before embarking on the journey. We follow a recipe when we want the dish to […]

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Headed Home for the Holidays? Ensuring Your Aging Loved Ones are Safe & Well Cared For!

Bags packed and headed home for the holidays this year? Many will be flying or driving the miles to visit family and old friends this holiday season. But how long has it been since you’ve seen your aging loved ones? If you are visiting an aging adult for the holidays and haven’t seen them for […]

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