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I was admiring my thriving backyard today, and it struck me that sometimes we need to back off and just breathe. BOUGAINVILLA I had literally spent years trying to get a very old Bougainvillea back to its former blooming glory. My neighbors Bougainvillea were stunning. They cascaded over my fence taunting me of their superior […]

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The Power of Words

YOU LOOK AMAZING! Just three simple words that made her day. Her unsettled expression busted open into a brilliant smile that reached her entire face. She was happy! I don’t know what her day was like before she set foot in the store, and the cashier uttered those three words, but I could guess what […]

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The Five Wonders of Wellness

I can’t think of a better role model of wellness than Annette, the 107- year-old I had the good fortune to meet. That’s no typo. She is ONE HUNDRED and SEVEN years old and thriving! Her mindset, outlook on life, and excitement for each day she has on earth is contagious and inspiring. Here’s her […]

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Families often contact me to say their loved one is declining (dying is what many say), and they don’t know why? There’s no medical condition that technically is causing the decline. I inquire about their life, relationships, careers, friendships and finally what kind of purposeful activities or hobbies they are engaging in? Inevitably, I get […]

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When It’s Time to Go

My dad once said to me, “no one ever tells you, how hard it is to get old.” I didn’t understand what he meant when he first uttered those words to me, but over the last 8 years I’ve worked with Seniors, I absolutely understand and get what he meant. The aging process isn’t always […]

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