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FOR OTHERS AND FOR YOURSELF My daughter and I volunteer on a regular basis in our community. This week we had our first shift with a new philanthropy we were trying out, where donated fresh fruits and veggies are boxed up, and then delivered to about 600 families in the community who are food insecure. […]

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Sound Heals, Music Soothes

If you haven’t heard, the power of sound and music is the super elixir for learning, focus, communication, sensory processing, sleep, stress management, memory, social & emotional wellness, executive functioning, rehabilitation, problem-solving, motor skills, wellness, and creative expression. It’s also particularly remarkable to see what it can do to a brain experiencing dementia and cognitive […]

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Snooze Time for Great Brain and Mental Health

Doze, catnap, drowse, snooze, catch forty-winks, drop off, nod off, kip, siesta, shut-eye, slumber… so many names for such a popular pastime. The weekends were made for the popular nap, but the research for living and aging well, tells a different story that supports a daily nap. In fact, by limiting your naps to just […]

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May I Ask Who’s Calling?

Like millions of Americans, you likely get several calls every day attempting to sell you everything from  an extended car warranty to new solar panels.  These types of calls will likely increase around the Medicare Annual Enrollment period as various phone solicitors try to entice you into Medicare plans that may or may not suit […]

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Weekend Coastal Forest Bathing

I test drove this growing pastime of Forest Bathing over the weekend, when we decided to jump in the car and head up the California 1 to the Central Coast. Our destination…Big Sur and the Redwoods. California is home to 77 redwood groves. Not a bad spot to give this 40+ year practice a go. […]

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