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  • Jan 20
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Tips When Searching for Assisted Living or Memory Care

Tips When Searching for Assisted Living or Memory Care

Aging Well Partners’ (AWP), Jacqui Clark, CSA™, spoke to Forbes Health (https://www.forbes.com/health/senior-living/assisted-living-in-san-diego/ Your Guide To Assisted Living In San Diego In 2023 – Forbes Health ) on their look into how Assisted Living in San Diego stacked up. It was an excellent conversation and great beginning on how to start your search in San Diego, or any town. It can be a complex endeavor, and we’ve included some extra tips that can be used no matter what city you live in.

Tips When Searching for Assisted Living or Memory Care:

1. Use a local expert when searching for senior housing that is also a Certified Senior Advisor™ (CSA™). A CSA™ is an expert in aging and a senior care consultant, who is also a CSA™, is an outstanding resource that can help you navigate the entire aging process.


2. One Size Fits One. It’s been Aging Well Partners’ motto from day one, and it hasn’t changed. Each person has their own unique set of wants, needs, budget constraints, and how they will experience disease. For example, dementia is one of the most challenging diseases, and you need an expert who understands not only the assisted living and memory care market in your area, but also the aging and progression of disease. A patient and caring personality also goes a long way in this journey.


3. An in-depth consultation is a must, before anything can happen. You’re about to make an investment on average of about 50-60K a year, so you’re going to want to really understand the process. I’ve seen costly mistakes that result in bankruptcy or premature death because the wrong community was chosen. It’s that serious.


4. The over 65-year-old population is booming, and 2023 will mark another record year of seniors needing many services from financial planners, Senior Real Estate Specialists (SRES), care managers, caregivers, and help to find assisted living and memory care communities. Not to belabor the point, but PLEASE use a local expert.

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