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  • Nov 01
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Take a Moment for Yourself

Take a Moment for Yourself


It’s officially the 2022 holiday season.  Halloween is in the books and Thanksgiving and Christmas will be upon us in no time.  The hustle and bustle will soon be seen and felt in every grocery store, department store and mall.  We will be bombarded with glossy magazine and newspaper advertisements and heart felt television ads tempting us to buy, buy, buy.  And don’t even get me started on the music….


The often-frenzied time of the holidays can obscure what this time of year is all about – family and friends, loved ones near and far.  It’s a time to connect with people and make new memories.  It’s a time to give thanks for what and who we have in our lives.  And if we can take a break from all the “noise” this time of year can create, it’s a time for reflection.


Take a moment.  Take a deep breath.  Sit in a moment of silence and think about what the holidays mean to you.  Maybe they haven’t always been a joyous time for you.  Maybe they bring back memories you’d rather forget.  Or maybe the holidays are your favorite time of year.  The beautiful thing about the holidays is that they come around each year which means we all have the opportunity to experience them newly each time.  Create, in your mind’s eye, how you want this holiday season to look and feel.  Create how you want to look and feel this holiday season.  Allow this creation in your mind to be as elaborate and detailed as you want because what and how we think about the holidays can help shape how we experience them.  Happy Holidays and remember to take some time every day for yourself.