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  • Oct 18
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Pesky Calls?

Pesky Calls?

It’s that time of year where older American’s are getting lots of calls from folks claiming to be Medicare agents, brokers, and experts.  Some of these calls are legitimate while many of them are not.  Here are some ways you can figure out which is which.


Ask the caller how they got your name and number.  They may say you filled out a form or something online requesting more information about Medicare.  Perhaps you did and perhaps you didn’t. If they can’t answer this question to your satisfaction, ask them to take you off their list of prospects and tell them you revoke your “Permission To Call” status.  Per CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services), you must grant people and agencies Permission To Call (PTC for those in the biz) you regarding Medicare and Medicaid.  Conversely, you may revoke this PTC at any time.  If they don’t stop calling, you may report them to CMS for a compliance violation.


Ask the caller for their CA insurance license number.  If the caller is unable or unwilling to give this to you, it is most definitely a scam.  Hang up!


Is the call being recorded?  If the caller doesn’t tell you rather shortly after you answer the phone that the call is being recorded, they are in violation of a new CMS regulation stating that all calls must be recorded with prospective Medicare/Medicaid recipients and beneficiaries.  If they are not recording the call or not informing you right away that the call is being recorded, they are in violation of CMS regulations.  And if they are in violation of CMS rules and regulations, chances are they do not have your best insurance interests in mind and are just looking for the sale.  Hang up.


Protect yourself and your personal information when anyone calls and starts asking you questions right away.  You, as the consumer, have every right to know who is calling, why they are calling you, and what they want from you before you proceed with any conversation. Any unwillingness to divulge this information to you is one big RED FLAG.  Hang up!