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  • Mar 20
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Pain Free and Walking After Years of Pain: How One Consultation Was The Key!

Pain Free and Walking After Years of Pain: How One Consultation Was The Key!

As we get older chronic pain shows up more often in our life, but it’s a mistake to stop looking for relief, especially when it impacts the quality of your life. Susan had hip pain for a very long time. She was sent to several rounds of physical therapy but had ZERO relief and had pretty much resigned herself to living with the pain.

Susan is retired, yet a very active woman in her early 70s. She enjoys Pilates, walking, and is the primary caregiver for her husband, who is living with Alzheimer’s. Susan’s husband happened to be a client of Sean Kuhn, PT (physical therapist) and owner of Physio on The Go and decided to get a consultation with Sean.

When she initially came to Sean, she had been diagnosed with bursitis by her primary doctor and underwent MONTHS of PT based on that diagnosis with no relief! And yes, you read that right–after MONTHS of PT in a traditional outpatient system, she was still unable to walk more than a block or two without her hip being painful, fatigued, and keeping her up at night.

She was very discouraged because she was used to running 2-4 miles a few times a week. Since we had previously worked with her husband at their home, she reached out to schedule a consultation to see if we could even help her. Through our consultation and subsequent assessment, it turned out that the problem was not her hip at all…the problem was coming from her back. Once the root cause was identified and a plan of action determined, after a few weeks she was sleeping much better, back to doing Pilates, and could finally return to walking 3-4 miles without limitation after 8 weeks of PT!

“I was pretty sad before working with Physio on the Go, but now I am in less pain, sleeping better, more flexible, stronger, and back feeling more myself!”

Susan was feeling better than she had in a long time and described feeling “more fluid” with her mechanics, didn’t have the fatigue and soreness, and did not complain. Success for Susan became a reality because she decided not to give up and seek one more consultation.

Dr. Sean Kuhn, PT, DPT, FAFS, 3DMAPS, MBA is founder of Physio on The Go a San Diego based (and native) Functional Medicine Physical Therapist who has been in the physical therapy industry for over 10 years, earning his doctorate degree from the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences in San Marcos, CA in 2013. After a year of practice, Sean began more extensive study into the integration of the human body through a post-doctorate Fellowship in Applied Functional Science, and later, training in Functional Medicine. His passions include spending time with his wife and two daughters and being active outdoors. Find Sean at www.physio-on-the-go.com