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  • Mar 20
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Letting Go For Aging Well

Letting Go For Aging Well

One of the best things you can do for your health is to de-clutter your home. Clutter significantly impacts our physical and mental health – becoming both a safety hazard and contributing toward higher rates of depression.

As a senior move manager, I meet with clients shortly after they’ve made the decision to move to a senior community or a smaller home. For many the decision is delayed due to the overwhelming task of moving and the fear of making downsizing decisions.

These hard decisions are compounded by our worry that “letting go” means saying goodbye to our history, our hopes and the belief that if no one “keeps our things,” we cease to exist.

I was an only grandchild. When my grandmother passed away, my mother wanted me to keep her china. I wasn’t even using the china I’d registered for only two years before.

Generational priorities change and the things you’ve cherished don’t hold the same significance for your loved ones. Though her china was donated, I fought hard for a lamp in my grandmother’s living room because THIS item had significance for me. It now sits on my nightstand.

Here are seven tips to decluttering/downsizing;

1. Break the task into manageable pieces. Create a “to do” list, starting with the easiest tasks and work toward the harder ones.
2. When organizing, clear off shelves and areas you want to de-clutter so you have a fresh canvas. Then, gather like items together and begin to fill the space eliminating duplicates, broken items and things you aren’t really using. Use labels and bins to keep the area organized.
3. If you want your loved ones to say “yes” to your things, create a list of the most important items and share their story. Host a family “show and tell” and give items away.
4. Use a site like Artifcts.com or make an album and take photos and the history behind mementoes. Often, these photos are just as special as the item itself.
5. If you have a collection, choose and display your favorites then gift, sell or donate the rest.
6. Set your timer for 10 minutes a day for one week. Fill one bag with trash and one with donations. You can also use stickers for furniture.Make sure you’ve scheduled a delivery pick up for the end of the week.
7. Don’t let pride keep you from asking for help – whether a friend or loved one or a service like Silver Linings Transitions.
8. Be kind to yourself. It’s mentally taxing to do this work.


Silver Linings Transitions, is a senior and specialty move management company offering downsizing, home organizing and move management assistance. We also run a monthly Downsizing Support Meetup on the third Thursday of every month. For more information call 760 522-1624 or email info@silverliningstransitions.com